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Why create a dotgay-community.org blog

Why create a dotgay-community.org blog

The basis of the dotgay LLC .gay application is the community.

  • The community that helped dotgay write our application
  • The community that sent over 150 letters of support for the dotgay application
  • The community that will guide .gay operations through the advisory board
  • The community that will receive 67% of dotgay LLC profits on domain name sales through a foundation that the community will also guide
  • The community that dotgay will  serve

The dotgay-community.org blog’s will include the following activities:

  • Informing the community on issues in Interent governance that affect the community
  • Alerting the community to the Internet related threats the LGBTQIA peoples of the world are currently living under
  • Getting community feedback on issues

Starting dotgay-community.org

Starting dotgay-community.org

I was sent to WTSA, WCIT and the ILGA 2012 by dotgay LLC, the community choice for the new domain name .gay.

During this trip it occurred to me that it was about time to start the gay community blog on Internet governance that I had mused about for a while.

Over the 2012 holiday season, I will start populating this blog. It is a site under construction and I am sure that it will undergo various changes in look and feel until I find the one I am happy with.

So bear with me. I am working on it.

Avri Doria