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Why .gay and not …

Why .gay and not …

Many people, for example at ILGA-12 in Stockholm, and elsewhere have asked why dotgay choose to apply for .gay and neither .lgbt, or some other similar acronym, nor .queer.  Good arguments could be, and were, made for many applications and it seems important that all of the community’s many names should be under the control of the community and not used by those who wish to exploit the community.  One of the top priorities, regardless of the choice of name, was to also have the ability to become an umbrella to all of the changing areas representing the community, allowing equal voice and strength.  As community members experience decreased risks in Coming Out, we will continue to define the many aspects of the LGBTQIA…, i.e Gay, community.

So why pick .gay first?

From the time the policy discussions in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began, it was known that .gay was going to be a test case application because of the division in the world over Gay Rights.  Not everyone accepts that Gay Rights are Human Rights.  Then again not everyone accepts Human Rights.  Gay Community participants in ICANN knew that there would be a .gay application.  We knew that we wanted a .gay application to succeed and we knew that we wanted .gay to belong to the Gay Community.

So, if only one name could be applied for in this round, there will be other rounds, then .gay had to be that name.

But does .gay cover the whole community

Those  at dotgay who wrote the .gay application, and those who advised the writing, were members of the community, who identified with diverse different colors in the LGBTQIA… rainbow. As we reviewed the literature and cross linguistic perspectives, it was clear that the word gay was used, and understood, by all segments of society to refere to the community. This was true for both members of the community as well as those who were not members of the community  While not everyone knows what the letters LGBTQIA or even GLBT stand for, everyone in the digital world knows what Gay means, not matter what language they speak.  We all know that when the media in any country talks about the “Gay Community”, they mean all of us.

Further reading

The dotgay application includes a very long section (section 20d) that explores the use of the word gay as the umbrella term for the community.

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