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Research Study: Harms done to the Gay Community on the Internet

dotgay LLC has commissioned a study for evidence of specific information on how members of Gay Community have been harmed via the Internet.

As part of this research, dotgay-community.org is looking for documented and quotable examples of harm.  Some of the possible forms this harm include but are not limited to:

  • Public outing via the Internet: including broadcast email, social media or on the web
  • Official or unofficial hate speech in broadcast email, social media or on the web
  • Problems with registration or use of a domain name related to the gay community
  • Wanting to register a gay  or LGBTQIA+ domain name, but finding that it is controlled by others either for:
    • Deprecating commentary about the Gay Community
    • Sale at an exorbitant price
  • Attacks on people or property based on information found on the Internet containing the private information of domain name registrants.

Any pointers to quotable demonstrable instances would be appreciated.

dotgay LLC will follow-up with any research before including in a published report.

Information can be left in comment below or sent to research@dotgay-community.info