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Internet Governance Forum Draft Schedule

After a month of suspense and a bit of controversy over whether this year’s IGF meeting would be held in Bali Indonesia on 22-25 October, the draft schedule for the meeting has been made available.

The theme of this year’s meeting is: “Building Bridges”- Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development“.  Sessions at the IGF are divided over 4 days, with main sessions as well as a number of workshops and fora.   Some of the topics to be included in this year’s IGF include:

  • Internet Fundamentals: how the Internet really works?
  • Big Brother became reality – what is the right balance between security and freedom in the digital world?
  • Social Media for Social Movement: How Civil Society Can Optimize The Internet to Conduct Online Public Advocacy of Human Rights
  • Focus Session (Security): Legal and other Frameworks: Spam, Hacking and Cyber-crime
  • Focus Session (Openess) Human Rights, freedom of expression, free flow of information on the Internet
  • Making Multistakeholderism More Equitable & Transparent
  • Civil Society in ICANN’s Multistakeholderism: The GNSO case
  • Protecting journalists, bloggers and media actors in digital age
  • Gender and Internet Governance: Integrating women’s rights at the IGF space

The IGF produces a programme paper that evolves as the preparation for the meeting progress.

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