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Attending Internet Engineering Task Force on behalf of dotgay

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is holding its 88th meeting (IETF88) in Vancouver CA.  The IETF is the organization that defines many, if not most, of the standards used by the protocols on the Internet.

Based on the NSA/PRISM revelations the IETF is focusing a large part of its meeting on ways to protect Internet users and systems from pervasive monitoring.  Given the danger many of the LGBTQI live under in many countries today, this a fortunate circumstance.  At this meeting, every protocol commonly in use on the Internet is being discussed and its privacy liabilities noted.

One example of the type of solution being explored:

While many protocols have a method by which they can be used securely, very few use them consistently.  When a person living under repressive regime makes use of these security measures, this often marks that user as doing something “interesting,” inviting a knock on the door from the authorities to find what sort on “interesting” behavior they are concerned with.  the approach being discussed at IETF88 is to require all protocols to be setup to always use security.  This would mean that members of the community living under repressive regimes could use privacy enhancing applications without putting a target on their backs.

dotgay LLC is committed to producing a technical solution for our registrants and users that protects their privacy and will continue to track and contribute to the efforts being made at the IETF.  After dotgay LLC succeeds at obtaining the .gay TLD, it is committed to creating privacy enhanced services for the gay community.  As more becomes known about the IETF privacy enhancements, this site will describe the work being done and dotgay LLC’s response to the work.  It should also be mentioned that Neustar, the Registry Service provider for dotgay LLC that will provide the technical services for the dotgay Registry is among the leaders in the work being done by the IETF.

dotgay LLC is committed to the security and privacy of the gay community use of the Internet.

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