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WHOIS is a online information service that requires the publication of the name, address and telephone number of all registrants of second level domain names. The WHOIS issue is one that ICANN has been struggling on for a very long time.  It is the tussle between the requirements of Privacy and the requirements of Law Enforcement Agencies and others, including consumers, to know who is responsible for the of web content that is shown under a domain name such as yourname.gay. The GNSO currently has 3 Working Groups and ICANN has one Expert Working Group (EWG) engaged on this topic, and all of them are close to making recommendations that will affect the registrants of all new domain names, including those in .gay.

The topics under discussion in the WHOIS working groups includes topic such as  under what jurisdiction is a person’s private information governed and the methods of recording international information in languages other than English.  the EWG is concerend with the larger issues of data collection by authorities and privacy.  this group is working on a recommendation that all data on all registrants, including the registrant for yourdomain.gay, be kept in one globally available database.


Research Study: Harms done to the Gay Community on the Internet

dotgay LLC has commissioned a study for evidence of specific information on how members of Gay Community have been harmed via the Internet.

As part of this research, dotgay-community.org is looking for documented and quotable examples of harm.  Some of the possible forms this harm include but are not limited to:

  • Public outing via the Internet: including broadcast email, social media or on the web
  • Official or unofficial hate speech in broadcast email, social media or on the web
  • Problems with registration or use of a domain name related to the gay community
  • Wanting to register a gay  or LGBTQIA+ domain name, but finding that it is controlled by others either for:
    • Deprecating commentary about the Gay Community
    • Sale at an exorbitant price
  • Attacks on people or property based on information found on the Internet containing the private information of domain name registrants.

Any pointers to quotable demonstrable instances would be appreciated.

dotgay LLC will follow-up with any research before including in a published report.

Information can be left in comment below or sent to research@dotgay-community.info

Archbishop of Canterbury

Though he did endorse gay marriage in the House of Lords, he said the following in support of same-sex relationships.

It is clearly essential that stable and faithful same-sex relationships should, where those involved want it, be recognised and supported with as much dignity and the same legal effect as marriage. Although the majority of Bishops who voted during the whole passage of the Civil Partnership Act through your Lordships’ House were in favour of civil partnerships a few years ago, it is also absolutely true that the church has often not served the LGBT communities in the way it should. I express my sadness and sorrow for that considerable failure. There have been notable exceptions, such as my predecessor, the late Archbishop Ramsey, who vigorously supported decriminalisation in the 1960s. It is also necessary to express, as has been done already, total rejection of homophobic language, which is wrong and, more than that, sickening.

Entire Debate found here.  The Archbishop’s comments can be found at  3 Jun 2013 : Column 953

Call for Applications to Participate in the First African School on Internet Governance in Durban South Africa, July 2013

JOHANNESBURG (APCNews) – The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency–e-Africa Programme are pleased to announce the call for applications for the first African School on Internet Governance to be held in Durban, South Africa, from 10-12 July 2013.


EU LGBT Report

EU LGBT Report


ICANN’s processing of applications


It has been a while since I updated this web site. The processing of applications went into a lull, but is now moving ahead full force. To catch up, it has been madness at ICANN. But the dotgay LLC crowd has been busy keeping up with the changing procedures.

  • The most important bit of news is that the dotgay LLC application has passed its initial evaluation.  While this does not mean all is ready to go, it does mean dotgay LLC’s .gay is qualified to go live.  Briefly, the steps that still need to be climbed  include:
    • The Objection period needs to run its course.  A list of objections and an explanation of the process is available from the International Chambers of Commerce Dispute Resolution Center.
      • dotgay LLC received one objection from  the Metroplex Republicans of Dallas.  dotgay LLC is currently engaged in the dispute resolution process and is attempting to resolve Metroplex’s issues.
      • Each of the standard applications for .gay, and the application for  .lgbt, also received an objection from ILGA, which was submitted on behalf of several global LGBTQIA, i.e. gay, community organizations.
    • The standard applications competing with dotgay’s application still need to complete their initial evaluations.  It will be several months before they have completed the process.
    • If any of the standard applications complete initial evaluation successfully, and the probability is that they will, then dotgay LLC’s application for .gay will need to undergo review by the Community Evaluation Panel (CEP) to determine whether the dotgay application trumps all the other applications and can complete its way to registration unhindered.  The CEP is a very grueling test, and as no one has ever taken this test yet, it is uncertain how any applicant will do.  dotgay LLC has every confidence that it will succeed in this evaluation.  Should dotgay fail to trump the standard applications in the CEP, however, then there would be a auction to see which of the applicants was wom the contract for .gay.  While this community, the dotgay community has shown great support for dotgay LLC’s application with over a 150 letters of support, we may come back to the dotgay-community asking it to show its support again when the CEP occurs. CEP processing is scheduled to begin in September.
    • Assuming that this is successful, then .gay, as a community TLD, will negotiate its contract with ICANN and prepare to go live.
  • A new Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) has been created by ICANN to assist Trademark holders in gaining priority for  obtaining their trademark as a second level domain name.  Members of the dotgay-community who have trademarks and who wish to take advantage of the TMCH will need to submit their trademarks to the TMCH.  Members of the dotgay-community who register trademarks with the TMCH will be able obtain domain names during the Sunrise period once the .gay has been approved.
    • For members of the dotgay-community who do not have trademarks, dotgay LLC will hold a Sunshine period where any dotgay-community member that has had a domain name obtained before May 1, 2012 on an IANA-recognized TLD will be able to register before open registration for other dotgay-community members.
    • Note any members of the gay community that wants to protect their trademarks in other of the 1900 possible new TLDs, should also consider registering in the TMCH.
  • An Interest group of Community TLD applicants has been formed within ICANN and is working to try and help ICANN to understand how community TLDs are different from standard TLDs.  This group is called Community TLD Applicants Group (CTAG).  And interview with the author of this blog on the history of community TLD was published by the CTAG on CircleId.

Detailed news on the minutia of the New gTLD process at ICANN is available.

It is my intent to update this website on the process weekly going forward.

dotgay goes into global Internet governance

World Telecommunications Policy Forum

dotgay participating at World Telecommunications Policy Forum (WTPF)

dotgay participating at World Telecommunications Policy Forum (WTPF)

Even if they did misspell the name, it was an achievement getting this sign at an ITU meeting. The WTPF, at which dotgay  LLC community staffer Avri Doria was in attendance as a member of the Informal Experts Groups (IEG) and of the US Delegation. A contribution by Avri Doria and other Civil Society representatives is available.  The Chair’s report from the end of the meeting is available.

The WTPF is one of a series of meetings being held by the ITU during 2012 – 2014 that will be looking a various aspects of Internet governance. Internet governance covers subjects such a freedom of expression and association on the Internet and areas such as content control. dotgay LLC sends a representative to this and other Internet governance meetings to insure that there is representation of gay community interests when issues of concern to the gay community, such as Internet freedom for the dotgay community, are discussed.