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ICANN At Large Summit

The ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) along with the At-Large community are the representatives for users concerns in ICANN.  The At-Large is made of of local organizations organized into Regional At-Large Organizations (RALO).  The local user organizations from around the word called At-Large Structures (ALS).  Most people live within the area of an existing ALS, but when not, there is always the possibility of an existing network users group joining the At-Large as a new ALS, for example an LGBT Computer Club. As gay community organizations become involved in ICANN due to the existence of domain names like .gay, some gay community organizations may find that belonging to an ALS, or even creating a new ALS, is a benefit to the local and global gay community.

They will hold their second At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) at the June 2014 ICANN Meeting in London on the theme of “Global Internet: The User Perspective.  ATLAS II will build upon the successful activities of the At-Large community since the first At-Large Summit (ATLAS) was held alongside the ICANN Meeting in Mexico City in March 2009. The ATLAS I meeting established the foundations for the involvement of many users through the At-Large Structures (ALSes) in ICANN.

The discussions in ATLAS II will revolve around 5 themes.

On 21-26 June 2014, the ATLAS II will welcome the representatives of over 160 ALSes from around the globe to participate in events of the summit and of ICANN meeting 50 in London.  The meetings will be open for those are in London and there will be web-casting so  all gay community member who would like to participate remotely will be able to do so.

A series of Capacity Building Webinars are being held prior to the ATLAS II.  All of the Webinars are open for participation and are available for later viewing. Transcript are also available for all webinars.  The most recent webinar on Introduction to ICANN Process was given by dotgay LLC VP of Policy and Governance on 22 May 2014.

As more information of the summit develops it will be updated on the ATLAS II website.  Once the schedule is finalized, a notice will be posted in dotgay-community.org. So far two newsletters have been published to date: 1st, and 2nd Edition.