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ICANN Structures

ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the multistakeholder organization that governs the processes related to gTLDs – generic Top level Domains


The Organization


The Generic Name Supporting organization if the part of ICANN responsible for recommending policy that affect Generic Top level Domains (gTLDs)  .gay will be a new gTLD.  It has a council composed of members of the following stakeholder groups:

Registry Stakeholder Group [wiki] (dotgay LLC is an observer in this group)

New TLD Application Group (dotgay LLC is a member of this group)

Community TLD Application Group (dotgay LLC is a member of this group)

Commercial Stakeholder Group

Business Constituency

Intellectual Property Constituency

Internet Service Providers 

Non Commercial Stakeholder Group

Non Commercial Users Constituency

Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency

Registrar Stakeholder Group

At-Large and ALAC


Topics on the ICANN Organization

Policy Development Processes

Formal Processes and Procedures

Consensus Policies – these are policies that affect the Registrar and Registry contracts with ICANN

Working Group – The bottom-up work of developing gTLD policies are done by working groups.  Working groups are open to everyone from the Internet community, that means everyone reading this blog entry can become a member of a working group on any issue that is important enough to them to inspire them to volunteer.  they do take work, that is why they are called working groups.

dotgay LLC staff paticipates in some of these groups

Some of the current policy activities:

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